Every idea, every dialogue, and every discovery contributes to a safer tomorrow for all.

At PAARRUAN, we are committed to a singular mission: redefining the narrative surrounding unwanted pregnancies and unsafe abortions in Nigeria. 

Through dynamic initiatives and unwavering dedication, we orchestrate scientific dialogues, foster groundbreaking research, empower emerging scholars, and document global perspectives. 

Our goal is clear – to inspire, educate, and propel action towards a future where evidence-driven policies create a safer, more equitable environment for women across Nigeria.

Our 4-Point Agenda...

Our Objective

In 2021, the consortium of CRERD and AHEAD with support from the Guttmacher Institute embarked on a national project to understand the state of research on abortion in Nigeria through the convening of experts across disciplines and relevant development partners. 

To contribute towards reducing unsafe abortion in Nigeria through research, partnerships with both developmental and academic institutions, and project implementation.